Monday, September 20, 2010

The Liquidated Fuld


A couple of thoughts:

First, I'm not sure what I think about wrapping the annotations around his head. On one level, it's a giggle. And, given the general lack of graphic skills possessed by the annotating public, it's an opportunity I don't usually get (all the annotations you see here, other than my own, were taken from the web--mostly Dealbreaker--and transcribed by me). Plus the whole halo thing, which didn't really work with Chris Dodd, seems a bit more organic here.

I mean, the man was a saint. Right?

Second, you can read my annotation in the lower left corner. It's a long one and begins with the words "A note from the artist...". I think it says everything.

Are you familiar with the plan?

Okay, the plan is to exhibit it once on Wall Street, to service my public, and then take it Saturday morning to show outside Sotheby's during the Lehman Brothers art holdings auction. It from this event that the title Liquidated Fuld springs.

The operating assumption is that somebody, perhaps an ex Lehman person, is going to exit the show frustrated at his inability to beat out Figby in M&A for the Renoir, clap eyes on The Liquidated Fuld, and ply me with amounts of money that haven't been seen in these parts for a while.

In the meantime, I'm holding a mid-annotation sale of sorts. First bid over 15K takes it home (with some pesky details).


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