Friday, September 03, 2010

You da one dat shit got jumped!

Been to the US Open lately? Well, it's a lot like this:

I was there yesterday but, mercifully, missed the fight. It's a big place. Best line from the video, by the way, can be found just after the 2:00 mark and goes something like this:
You da one dat shit got jumped!
Translation being something like "You, sir, despite suggestions to the contrary, are the one who was attacked."

Actually, we (I go with some friends from Hollywood every year) used to buy the tickets that included admission to one match at Arthur Ashe Stadium. And this footage is shot from about where our tickets used to be. Fact of the matter? Tennis from that far away is shite. Who's got time, unless you are obsessed with the thing?

These days we get day passes that let us roam the courts, no reserved seating, but don't get us into the stadia. Among other things, I watched, in two sections, a five set, five hour match. In the middle of which we left, lay on the grass, ate lunch, drank some Ben and Jerry's smoothies, then went back to the match. In all that time we missed about one set total.

The beauty of the outer courts is that, instead of being ten levels away from the action, you are potentially ten FEET away. During a women's match I spent some time chatting with the baseline judge. I was sitting right behind her (she on the side of the court; me on the front row of the bleachers).

Nice woman; big head. From my vantage point she got every call right.

I will say this: By the end of five hours of tennis in a merciless heat (I was schvitzing, if that's how you spell it, before I even got IN the car), the fifth set of that match was one of those real gut-check moments. I saw a high-end women's match (maybe Kim Clijsters, if that's how you spell it) in an unbelievably hot Australian Open a couple of years ago, and by the end they were literally staggering around. Other than that, this is the most gassed I've ever seen two tennis players look.

Some guy named Nishikori beat some guy named Cilic. Half way through the fifth set the Open medical staff was treating Cilic (who was seeded 11th, so he wasn't a piker) for heat exhaustion and cramps.

It was splendid.


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