Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Several Items, not the least of which is The Fuld Monte

I was eating my oatmeal this morning and thinking it would be interesting to dice a cooked beet and put it in. In lieu of blueberries, which are prohibitively expensive.

Second, there's this:

The fourth and final installment in my series of Fuld paintings, I painted it to acknowledge the 2nd anniversary of Lehman's bankruptcy (which is today) as well as the upcoming sale of Lehman Bros. art holdings at Sotheby's on September 24th. I'll be exhibiting it in front of Sotheby's during the auction period (including the viewing hours).

Between the four of them (The Annotated Fuld, The Reexamined Fuld, The Indictable Fuld, and now The Liquidated Fuld), I think I've achieved a narrative arc that speaks not only to the Lehman Brothers experience, but to the last several years on Wall Street.

Also worth noting: I'll be releasing a special set of signed prints titled "The Fuld Monte" on October 1st, which will include all four Fuld pictures reproduced at a slightly smaller size than my regular prints, plus a nice letter from me. Cost for the set will be $599.99 (plus shipping and handling). If you pre-order the cost is $500.


Blogger davidlefool said...

The bubble in blueberry prices won't last. My blueberry default swaps should pay out nicely by the end of the quarter, causing the financial system to collapse at least once.

5:17 PM  

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