Thursday, September 23, 2010

After a day at Sotheby's

The first thing the guy from the BBC asked me was, "Did they ask you to move?"

"They always ask me to move," I replied.

That said, the security people at Sotheby's are far pleasanter than those at Merrill Lynch. As if that's saying much. When I explained the importance of the juxtaposition of my painting and the front door of Sotheby's, they nodded a little bit. When I then told them I do this all the time and explained the pertinent law to them, they tasted defeat and moved away.

Hey, you gotta give it a try. They couldn't have been pleasanter. Nor could yesterday afternoon have been.

This is The Liquidated Fuld on Day Three. My favorite comment? Three women in their mid to late sixties, I would guess, after having seen the exhibit upstairs, came out the door and asked what was up with Big Dick IV. I explained.

Then the first woman wrote, at about the 2 o'clock mark, "$ can't buy U love". Which was wonderful, since I always like a Beatles quote on my painting. Then her friend took the marker and, just inside where the first one had written, scrawled "But take the money and run, you prick".

Which was also good.

The third, feeling, I guess, that everything that had to be said had been said, demurred when I offered her the marker.


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