Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Note from a reader

I love it when the Commentariat actually puts some work into their contributions to The Year of Magical Painting. This, verbatim, from David the Fool:
Host: Is the Raymond boom over?

Bove: Raymond is a stone-cold buy!

Whitney: Guy is so goddamn screwed. Sell sell sell.

Taleb: People are underestimating the risks of holding Raymond paintings. They may be in for a surprise. The biggest surprise is that he never painted me or any of my beautiful black swans. The bastard.

Roubini: I think he could be in for a downtown in the next quarter or maybe in the one after that or perhaps it will occur in the one after that.

Krugman: More fiscal expansion is necessary for Raymond to avoid a depressive slump that could last for decades.

Random Zero Hedge commenter: Who the fuck is Geoffrey Raymond?!

Anna Chapman: Ooh I think I fancy his commenter Daveed Ze Fool.

Raymond: Fuck all of you!


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