Monday, November 01, 2010

You know, I don't mean to embarrass you, but I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I could help you with that hump.

Behold Dora and the Minotaur now, with the head whited out:

And now with the new head. And some lettering. Which I think is coming in nicely.

A close look will show you that quite a bit has gone on, not the least of which is the reduction in the size of the hump on the back of the Minotaur.
What hump?
The one on the back of the Minotaur.
Oh, that one.
Yes. Which one did you think I meant?
You seem troubled. What's the problem.
Well, I don't like to criticize your work. I mean, given the warm welcome you've always provided me and my associates.
Your associates in the Greek Chorus?
Well, nonsense. Fire away. I'm a grown-up.
You sure?
As sure as the sky is blue on a summer day.
As certain as I am that the Democrats will prevail nicely in tomorrow's mid-term election.
Hmmm. Well...I'll tell you anyway.
Tell me what?
Well, one could argue that the problem with the painting was not so much the size of the hump but rather that the shoulder is positioned too low. I think the whole thing would be stronger if you moved the shoulder higher. And perhaps rethought the arm so that it was bent instead of straight.
Exactly. I mean, you're a gifted painter. I'm sure you could do something about that shoulder.
All of which inexorably leads to this nasty piece of work:


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