Monday, November 29, 2010

What Other Paintings are on Tap for the Upstate Show?

This comes from a TYOMP (pronounced Triumph, with just the hint of a lisp) reader identifying himself as The Annotated Commenter. The title of this post is the entire comment. Which is fine, but I would remind all of you that if you send me a question in the form of a comment, the Blogspot software I use doesn't allow me to: a) identify you beyond the usually-fictitious name you are using as your nomme d'post, and b) to reply. If you want a reply, you have to email me.

So here is my reply:

I like the idea of combining six Minotaur paintings, each with a Wall Street title/annotation with The American Investor and The Fallen Prince. If possible, I'd add American Chicken to the mix, but I don't have a full say in these matters.

Regarding pricing, the Minotaur paintings are all in the $3,500-$5,000 range. The two large annotated works are much more expensive (multiply by 1.7 then add a zero, roughly speaking). American Chicken sells for $11,000, but I'll trade it for a Rolex Explorer II 1655 Orange Hand. The chances of which are remote.
The chances of what?
Of somebody actually trading me the watch for the painting.
I don't have time to get into that. In the end, most people who own one don't want to get rid of it, and if you don't own one, it's way easier to throw down the eleven kay than buying one and dealing with all the ancillary crap.
By 'eleven kay' do you mean $11,000?
Since we're talking phonetics, wouldn't it be more fun to spell it 'eleven quay'?
Yes it might.
Do you miss yours?
My what?
Your Rolex whatever.
Yes I do.
You don't strike me as particularly hung up on material goods.
Well, I'm not. Although that could be a function of poverty.
Could be.
But I do miss two things I used to own.
Those being?
My Rolex Explorer II 1655 Orange Hand and my 60s-era six-string Rickenbacker.
You're really a very small, shallow man, aren't you?
Yes. But that Rickenbacker was something.
I remember that one.
Me too. Playing it was like taking the tour of Gettysburg.
How so?
Resonance, man. Deep resonance.
It should also be noted that the so-called upstate show is not yet cast in stone. My dear dealer and I have to come to some sort of understanding about content. I think she's concerned about the bestiality/oral sex imagery being plastered all over her nice white walls.

For which I don't know why. I mean, they are not all going to be as graphic as the Meredith Whitney painting. Second, they are inspired by the works of Picasso, which surely must add a certain additional poetic license.
If in fact, painting is a form of poetry.
Exactly. If in fact.
And besides, my thinking is evolving. There's a part of me that likes the idea of interpreting additional Picassos, throwing my usual smirking annotation on them, and binging them out by the handful.

Handful might not be the right word. But once you commit to the concept, it wouldn't be hard to bing out ten or fifteen during the cold winter months.


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