Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The commentariat weighs in

Red letter day here at TYOMP. Lloyd Blankfein (or at least somebody named Blankfein) left the following comment:
We train young men to drop synthetic CDOs on unsuspecting long-siders, but their managers won't allow them to write Rubin on their Bloomberg Terminals, because it's obscene!
Very strong, Lloyd. Thanks.
The thinking here is that it isn't actually Big Lloyd.
Same here. But still, it's a good comment.
I don't own a Bloomberg Terminal, do you?
No. And you don't own them--you lease them.
In any case, are you really not allowed to write "Rubin" on the terminal, or is that poetic license on the part of the poster?
Me neither.
Strong comment though.
Maybe it's the first annotation for Mr. O


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