Saturday, April 16, 2011

Going to the movies

Having stood outside two theaters on two consecutive days with The Annotated Rand--a prince of a painting--it's too cold, windy and rainy for a third. That said, the public's willingness to share their thoughts, via Sharpies on canvas, has been tremendous. Approximately 100 annotations to date, including:

This would have made her day
The metaphysical iceberg
Taggart Transcontinental=strong buy!
Your acolytes are ruining America. REPENT!
I am God
I am Spartacus
No, I am Spartacus
Dagny for president
This woman was on Medicare and social security--Objectivism seems like a great idea til you hit 65
Individualism+activism=a better world
I hate her
And, of course, Who is John Galt? Several times, often spelt as Gault.

Outstanding start. I'll be on Wall Street Monday for more annotations. In the meantime, despite a shit storm of nasty reviews, I'm going to see the thing.

Oh, and this is worth noting for the record: I think the woman is a kook.


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