Sunday, April 24, 2011

Papal Bull ... or, Giving Gussy the Cheese

Behold the finished El Toro d'Oro:

I think it turned out well.

This being Easter, I'm inclined to call it a Papal Bull. But of course it's not.

Note the checkerboard line that horizontally bisects the painting. This does two things: it indicates the high price of gold during the period in which the painting was executed, and it serves as a nod to Gustav Klimt and all those fin de siecle Viennese boys who loved to insert the odd, geometric doo-hickie (if that's even how you spell it) in the middle of an otherwise straight painting.

For reference, see the checkerboard element in the lower left corner of this majestic thing ...

It might also be the horizon. In any case, it's either homage or fromage to my boy Gussy. Whichever isn't the cheese.


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