Friday, July 08, 2011

Client #9

Speaking of numbers of annotations, consider the all-time champ...

People were grabbing pens and writing on the sides of the thing. I lost count at 350 plus.

I only bring this up because Netflix sent me "Client #9--The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer" the other day. Amazing on several levels, not the least of which being that the producer got Eliot to sit down for what I believe was five interviews.

Hard to believe, that. Although less so, I suppose, if you jigger it into his public image rehabilitation campaign--of which, I suppose, this was one of the first volleys.

Still, pretty engaging look at the man, and the times, and the pickle he got himself into.

I'm sorry they canceled his show. He seems like a nice enough person (assuming we're talking about the moments when he's not standing in your face, screaming so hard that spittle is ruining your Italian tie).
Channeling his inner Fuld, you might say.
Yes. Yes you might.
And speaking of assholes, I thought they were way too nice to Hank Greenberg. Amazing they got him to sit for an interview too, given the givens.

And finally, in case you do see it, what is really interesting is that almost every documentary interview you see is shot so that the interviewee is staring at the interviewer (who is either to the left or right of the camera), not straight into the lens. Client #9 stares right at you. So does Hank. So does that snake in the grass that used to run Home Depot.

Quite amazing.


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