Friday, August 26, 2011

Warren bails out BofA

Man, is Rick Perry gonna be pissed. Speaking of which--this from my iPhone:

As regards Bank of America--a parable:

A struggling painter is sitting at the bar of the Peter McManus Cafe several years ago, poor as a stick, trying to talk Howie out of a free Bud Light. He's finished the last of his peanut butter, eaten on a slab of bread that was both stale and dotted with those blue furry things, and feeling pretty down. His buddy Rich comes in, assesses the situation, and, being currently employed, says something like: "I'm feeling a bit flush right now, you want me to slip you a C-note?" To which the painter responds somewhere along the lines of: "I've had a shaky couple of weeks and I appreciate a friend giving me a vote of confidence. I don't need the money, but it never hurts to have more capital in a volatile time."

He then winks at Howie, who understands everything, puts a twenty on the bar and orders another Bud. And a shot.
I'm not sure that's a parable.
Maybe an anecdote?
Or a metaphor.
I know it's not a simile.
Grammar's hard.
Is it grammar or syntax?
Regardless, back to BofA.

Buffett throws Five Large at Bank of America (at what can only be described as usurious rates). The Head of BofA, a guy named Brian Moynihan (who I think used to coach basketball at St. John's. Who are they gonna hire next? Lenny Dykstra?) says: "In the shaky couple of weeks that we've gone through in the financial markets, it's a good time for this vote of confidence by a savvy investor. We didn't need the capital, but it doesn't hurt to have more in a volatile time."

He then puts a twenty on the bar and orders another Bud. And a shot.

The similarities are spooky, yes?
I don't think it was Moynihan who said that. I think it was Chuck Holliday, Jr.
Same thing.
Spooky though, yes?
The similarities are staggering.
Once Rich Perry finds out about this, he's gonna looking to string Warren up too.
Spooky, yes?
Perry? Yes.


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