Friday, September 16, 2011

U.S.Open update

Back from several days in NYC and doing some housekeeping. Thus, a couple of items:

I was delighted to see that Serena Williams got her ass handed to her on a platter in the finals. She's one of my least favorite athletes. Conversely, I'm a big Venus fan, and am saddened by her recent illness. So don't be calling me a hater. That being one of the things Ms. Williams called the chair umpire during a tirade during the match she lost and is, to my mind, a suggestion that she believes she's discriminated against during tennis matches because she's a black woman.

To which I say, give me a break.

The only person I know who loathes her more than me is George Vecsey of The Times, although he's too nice a person to come right out and say it. His recent observations about the difference between her on-court belligerence and her cloyingly cutsey, little-girl persona during post-match interviews was satisfying reading. For us haters at least.

The whole piece can be read here, but the relevant snippet is this:
... This time the anger again tumbled out fast, a huge contrast to the girlish giggle that Williams affects in her mandatory interviews after matches. They are extreme opposites. In between there is no responsible adult, no attempt at reflection or remorse, even feigned.
Second, and more important, is a correction to the tennis post of a week or so ago. The Grandstand (which The Times refuses to capitalize, by the way) is not appended to Arthur Ashe stadium. It's stuck on the side of the Louis Armstrong stadium.

I apologize for the error because I know you people treat this stuff like it's gospel.


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