Tuesday, October 04, 2011

American Worker

Surely you remember this:

And then, yesterday, was the idea that I might have missed an opportunity amidst that whole Erased de Kooning discussion...

And now, opportunity grasped, we are ready to occupy Wall Street. Unless somebody has beaten us to it.

It's impossible, working with this photograph, to fully appreciate what's going on here. And the SanDisk in my Nikon blew up, so I shot this with my point-and-shoot. Which does okay, for what it is, but still. And because it's cloudy, I couldn't get the sharpest image regardless. Suffice it to say that in the flesh the painting's pretty rocking.

And it goes without saying that once the background (which is a little bit more difficult to differentiate from the subject, given the givens, than my usual stuff) is filled up with angry rants, the whole thing will come together like Black and White Krugman.

So I'm fired up.

The general thinking is to do a little bit of touching up, then go to NYC tomorrow night, go to the demonstration on Wednesday, NYSE on Thursday, then see what Friday holds. It should be fun.

Thank you, Robert Rauschenberg.


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