Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eating Well in Troy

I know you completists like to consume every detail of my life. So okay, here's what I had for lunch:

And before I get to specifics, let me just say that the suggestion that it's impossible to have a decent meal in Troy is a complete falsehood. For example, today's lunch consisted of a torchon of moulard duck foie gras from Elevages Perigord in Quebec (the only place I go for that stuff), served with some crystallized apple chips, some celery-branch batons, Granny Smith apple marmalade, candied walnuts, frisee and juniper-balsamic vinegar.

Me? I recommend shoveling it onto brioche toast like cheap caviar. The key, however, is to do it in small batches so you can keep the bread warm. If you let the brioche cool down it becomes heavy and stiff. Because this requires a bit of this-ing and that-ing, I decided to make it at home, while the paint was drying, rather than attempting to find it on 2nd Street.


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