Monday, October 10, 2011

Twelve Bucks Well Spent

This from my personal correspondence file:

Watched the George Harrison/Martin Scorsese documentary on HBO. Which is free, if you subscribe. Part one was really surprisingly underwhelming. Part two, however, was pretty much fun. After I finished sobbing I went on my Kindle and bought Pattie Boyd's autobiography. Which cost twelve bucks (although not the twelve bucks I refer to above) and might not be the best use of my money, but it was a spasm.

The twelve bucks I'm referring to were spent when I then went downstairs to the studio and bought the remastered version of All Things Must Pass (which I know I own on vinyl, but who could possibly find it).

George was always my favorite. It couldn't be more wonderful.

A friend of mine, in a related discussion, said Ms. Boyd must have really been something to have inspired two of the greatest love songs ever. I suggested it must have been something in the way she moved.


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