Thursday, December 15, 2011

Live-blogging my life. Which, par for the course, is a disaster

No Knicks tickets.

This galls me. I mean, the Knicks were so bad for almost a decade that I completely stopped watching basketball. I could barely watch college ball, I was that upset (and this is coming, dear reader, from one of the great white leapers of our time. Me and Billy Cunningham). Now that they're okay (the jury is still out on "good"--let's see how the guards play), they won't let me in!

In a Ticketmaster frenzy, each time it came back as unavailable I bumped up the price. When I hit $200 I stopped. I'm not a crazy person. I didn't spend that much to see the Rolling Stones in the same arena.

Now I'm gonna take this money and buy some Christmas presents for my children; watch the game from the Peter McManus Cafe.


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