Friday, January 06, 2012

I only date women named Mitchell

I leave for New York now. The Cheim & Reed gallery, specifically. The Postcards From The Edge opening party, more specifically.

What a lovely gallery. I'm so appreciative that they've chosen to display my work, although my enthusiasm is dimmed somewhat by the fact that it's surrounded by 1500 other "postcards."

Did you see the Joan Mitchell show there? You walk into the front room and there, all by itself, is this (If I have the right picture):

About a mile high and a mile wide. And all you can do is say Dog.

Beautiful, beautiful paintings. Whatta a show!
When you say you only date women named Mitchell, is that first name, last, or both?
Most people with the first name of Mitchell are men, so let's go with last.
And are you referring to yourself? It seems like an odd statement.
No. Of course not.
Did you know that Alan Greenspan used to be married to Joan Mitchell? Now he's married to Andrea Mitchell. You do the math.


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