Thursday, December 15, 2011

Truth in blogging

Two clarifications to the post beneath this one:

First, I wrote "...the Knicks were so bad for almost a decade that I completely stopped watching basketball."

This is not entirely true. When I moved to Leesburg what now seems like quite a long time ago to help Dad die, I had a lot of time on my hands. Some of it I spent watching the Washington Wizards. It was a fun team--they had Gilbert Arenas at one guard spot, Caron Butler (maybe) as a swing man, and two big guys, one with dreadlocks, who were each exactly as good as the other one, albeit it perhaps in different ways. They hated eachother, and the one with the locks wrote poetry and was sensitive, for a big man. If I remember all this correctly. It was a fun team.

Amazing how the bottom has dropped out on Gilbert Arenas. Don't bring guns to work is certainly one life lesson to be gleaned here, but there are other things in play as well.

Later I wrote: " of the great white leapers of our time. Me and Billy Cunningham"

I would just like to clarify that while both of us were acknowledged great white leapers, we were not contemporaries. The Kangaroo Kid is way older than me.
It was a bit ambiguous.
Yes it was.
I still remember David Thompson.
Me too. That kid could really jump.
Yeah. He jumped down the stairs of a nightclub one night, tore up his knee, and that was the end of that.
I think he was my favorite college basketball player ever, although I did like Walter Davis too.
I liked Wally Walker. Even in Greece we could tell he was something special.


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