Friday, January 27, 2012

A little Sports and Politics

One of my favorite tennis players is Venus Williams. Not so much her little sister though, so it was with considerable glee that I read that Serena got her ass handed to her relatively early in the proceedings of the Australian Open. Tennis will be a more sportsmanlike place after her complete departure.

On the other hand, I'm very pro-Sharapova here, thinking it would be nice to see her (win one after having surgery on her primary shoulder).
What does that last sentence mean--with the parentheses?
It means two things. First, that I'd like to see her win one after surgery. And two, that I'd like to see her.
See her in the sense of "Are you currently seeing anybody?"
Yes. In a relationship sense.
Well what?
Well, that makes perfect sense.
But what we're really here for is to talk about the State of the Union Address. Jorge Posada, famous Yankee catcher, retired the other day. Not one of my favorite guys, being a Mets fan, but attention must be paid nonetheless. Hundreds of times in Posada's career he experienced what John Boehner must have been going through the other night. Sitting behind his opponent, watching as he launches a home run, thinking "Manomanoman, we are totally fucked."

Me? I'm as appreciative of old-time conservative values as the next guy on, say, the Upper West Side. But Boehner is a sourpuss and he gives me a cramp.
You don't think you're a bit old to be thinking about seeing somebody like Maria Sharapova socially?
No. I might be too old to actually do it, but I'm certainly not too old to think about it.
Fair enough.
I'm a painter. Half my life is spent thinking about stuff. If not Sharapova, what?
Your next painting?
I already thought about that. It's an inverted painting of John Maynard Keynes.
Who I frequently confuse with Maynard G. Krebbs.
Me too.


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