Monday, March 05, 2012

Tumble dry under low heat. Otherwise will come apart like a cheap suit.

I, Geoffrey Raymond, am telling you, dear reader, that I am currently all fucking business.

I say this because the New York Times tells me that it will be in the high 60s in New York on Thursday, and this strikes me as an opportunity to generate Inverted Keynes (which, as these things go, should be easy) and drag him down to Wall Street for some spring annotation.

Disregard that blue line. I like the idea of sepia-toning the entire thing, background and all.

My all-time favorite inverted painting is Inverted Perry. It's hanging in the studio as we speak--I just walked over and took this picture of it:

There are plenty of Republicans I'm perfectly fond of. Papi Bush jumps to mind. Michael Steele, amazingly enough (and I say this based solely on his recent appearances on Morning Joe). Joe Scarborough himself, although lately he's been giving me a bit of a cramp. There are others. David Brooks, maybe.

But Rick Perry? I loathe the man. I included the radiator to suggest that here was somebody unable to take the heat so he stepped out of the kitchen. He looked tough, but when you looked at his label it said "Tumble dry under low heat. Otherwise will come apart like a cheap suit."

Best annotation reads: "Hard to believe but true: Rick Santorum makes this guy look like the ideal candidate. Lord have mercy."

I'm so tired of photogenic ideologues with brains the size of prostate glands running for President. This is not solely a Republican phenomenon, but recent examples (Little Bush, Palin, Perry) seem to skew that way. Let's not even start on Donald Trump, who is despicable in an entirely different way.

Anyway, wouldn't it be fun to take John Maynard Keynes for a spin on Thursday?


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