Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Best meaningless game ever...

And one which wasn't meaningless at all if you are a Mets fan who's been waiting 51 years and 8020 games for a no-hitter.  But for you emotionally stunted, for those of you to whom wins and losses are the only metric, who really cares about one game in early June?

Me?  A great deal. 

I was in New York for the game and otherwise involved.  Completely missed it.  Imagine going?  Dog!  But I said to myself, surely the good people at SNY will rebroadcast the game at some point.  And they, as if in response, did just that last night.  And I, gentle reader, was ready.

And tears were shed.  Not by me, although I did get a little misty and couldn't stop grinning.  But tears, I'm here to tell you, were shed throughout the Mets Nation.

Johan Santana.  The perfect guy to make Mets history.  Not just a good guy, but a warrior.  A lion.  

To paraphrase L. Frank Baum: a lion, a tiger and a bear.


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