Thursday, September 06, 2012

God is in the details

I think it was Phillip Johnson who said this, no doubt referring to the making of tomato tea.  But, paraphrased, he could have been talking about my paintings.  As in "God is in the annotations."

Consider this detail from the lower right corner:

Annotations of interest, taken at random:

--Nixon looks a hell of a lot better than this clown
--Pro art + anti Romney
--His birth name reads: Rand Paul Ayn Ryan  

The guy who wrote that came back a couple of minutes later and corrected it to read:

--Ayn Rand Paul Ryan

Then, suggested a couple of days later:


And my favorite:

Bail out Spain please we are tired from the Germas

Which really makes me want to get my shit together and get to Europe with some paintings, although Art Basel Miami is bearing down on me like a hurricane and I wonder if my shit is even barely close enough together to do both things.

Which is unbelievably lame, given that ABM doesn't start til December 6th and a trip to Europe takes three or four days.
I know.  I'm ashamed of my inertia.
You should be.
I said I was.
Well you should be.
I said I was.

Anyway, I grow fond of Paul Ryan the painting as I grow to loathe Paul Ryan the candidate in a directly inverse manner.  If that makes sense.

And, while we're on the subject, I personally know perhaps a dozen people who have run the New York Marathon and every one -- EVERY ONE -- can tell me their finishing time down to the minute, sometimes the second.  So when Paul Ryan says he had a memory lapse when he quoted a sub-three hour mark (instead of the actual plus-four hour mark), it's garbage.

Not that lying about your marathon time is the end of the world.  I feel almost certain I would lie about mine, if I had one.  But it's illustrative of the larger dynamic.

For you completists, I'm listening to Cat Power's new album "Sun" on MOG, my current inter web listener of choice.  I'm unconvinced, but maybe its like an onion, or a big snake, and it reveals itself in layers.  The Cat Power album, not MOG.  I love MOG.


Blogger Samcahil said...

I believe it was Mies van der Rohe who said "god is in the details"

5:53 PM  

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