Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I leave the studio now for the Hannafords in Latham.  The purpose?  To buy some sweet pickles.  Armed with these, I'll then build a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.  Then I will sit in my chair and watch the World Series.  I believe the Detroit Tigers will win it.  In five, if we're counting.

Crazy, you say?  Consider the picture from no less a source than the New York Times.  Dog!

 I'm thinking Smucker's Natural (smooth) and some "bread and butter" pickles.

Why are you putting quotation marks around bread and butter?
Is it a recognized style?  Or a brand?
Dunno.  I think they're like sweet gherkins, but bigger.

And I'm ditching the white bread.  A hearty whole wheat, perhaps with those little nuts and such that they put in it.


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