Monday, November 26, 2012

Portrait of Mathew Martoma (nee Mrs. Whitney)

Further to this picture ...

In my own defense, I knew that I was repeating the word "State's" on the fourth line before I painted it.  The decision had already been made to white out the third line and just have it read "than turn."

It now looks like this ...

The eye is so used to viewing perfect type and layout that a level of perfectionism (or at least as perfect as the type on Nightly Prayers) is required.  I think I'm gonna have to white out the first two words of line 1 and move them a hair to the right.   And everything's gonna have to be cleaned and straightened, etc.

Then the line around the balloon and the three little bubbles leading to the head of the old man in the sea.

Then, as if all that wasn't enough, back to the painting.  Because it needs quite a bit of black, and some heliotrope.  And a signature.


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