Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Wind Whispers Mary

We've chosen to invert the canvas ...

And we've gotten darker ...

But only in anticipation of getting lighter again.

What a lovely waterfall.  You almost want to paint some waterlilies in there, except waterlilies and waterfalls don't really go together.  But that whole Monet thing -- if you can accurately say there even is a "whole Monet thing" -- is quite potent.

Might be more a J.M.W.Turner thing, if you can even say "a J.M.W.Turner thing" in a situation like this.

I'm not sure you can.
I'm talking about the atmospherics.  I think there are atmospherics at work here.
I'm just saying.

Here's a Turner, just so we're on the same page ...

This is called "Snow Storm and Steamboat of a Harbour's Mouth."  Wow.

Somebody wrote "Don't eat the brown acid" or something like that on my Jamie Dimon painting.  Turner?  If you think about what this guy was doing, and when, well ... he obviously had access to pharmaceutical grade hallucinogens.

When was he doing stuff like this?
When you say "doing stuff" do you mean taking drugs?
No, man.  I mean painting pictures like this.
Oh.  1840, maybe.
Dog!  I don't think the word 'pharmaceuticals' existed in 1840.
Yeah.  They prolly just called them mushrooms.
More of a nutraceutical thing then?
I suppose.  All I know is that they're great in a meatloaf.


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