Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Pretty Girl is Like a Waterfall...

One theory says tack the canvas on the wall and let it (and me) just stew there for a while.

The other theory says begin dripping the paint.

Dripping commenced.  Currently titled "Iksil Falls."

That green you see?  It was made by mixing yellow with the blue that was left in the bowl.  So it's like yoghurt, in a way.  It should be noted that it's hard to say what the hell is going on here, given that the canvas is covered with newspaper and the drop-cloth beneath it is likewise covered with newspaper.  Next time around, I'll clean up the paper.

And I apologize for the angle, but if I tacked it on the wall to take a picture, all the paint would run to the bottom.

This was the mistake Morris Lewis made.  Over and over again.

I like his work.
Me too.  I was just messing around.  

Nothing bad has ever happened to me when I paint.  So why not just do it?


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