Thursday, December 06, 2012

And this, now that I'm back ...

Went to Barclays Center and watched the Nets just barely lose to the Thunder.  That was great.

Went to the Met.  Once inside the Met, went to the Matisse show.  That was great too.  Better than the basketball game actually.  More on this later.

Then wandered upstairs to the Rinpa exhibit (click here), hoping to see this ...

Painted by Suzuki Kiitsu around 1825.  Called "Morning Glories."  The impossible beauty of this thing when you are standing face to face with it ... well, it's mind-boggling.  It's also twelve feet long, just so we're clear.  Lord have mercy.  It was there the last time I visited the exhibition but was out of rotation this time around.  This, however, was there ...

And this ...

Both of which took my breath away.  Especially the bottom one, which is a two panel screen with an ornate wooden bottom section.  The bottom two are raggedy-assed iPhone pix taken without a flash (as per the rules), so you can't really see what's going on.   Particularly the delicacy of all those dark grays and blacks.

And, in my absence, Dave Brubeck died.  91 years old, so what are you going to do?

Me?  I'm listening to his Take Five album.


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