Thursday, December 06, 2012

Galleon Falls

My iPhone is fundamentally incapable of taking a good photo in this situation.  I offer it to you, nonetheless, just so your juices can begin flowing in anticipation of the paint ...
Once I fill in the corners and little white places we'll be able to begin.

Brief personal aside:  What a pain in the ass.  This is the stuff my studio assistant should be doing, except that I don't have one.  There is a very real sense that this could be the first and last in my series of "... Falls" paintings unless I come up with an easier plan.

In the end, it's gonna look like this, though, so it will all be worth it ...

Wait a minute --that's not right.  It's gonna look like this...

Although, truth be told ...

A pretty girl is like a waterfall.
Yes she is.


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