Thursday, January 17, 2013

A pretty girl is like a waterfall, volume 2

You, of course, remember this ...

Enron Falls.

And my theory that a pretty girl is like a waterfall (best sung to the tune of "A Pretty Girl" by Irving Berlin).

I love photos of disrobed pregnant women.  And I don't blame her for wearing a top.  God blesser.  And likewise that little baby that looks like it's about ready to explode into the world.

I once painted my friend Natasha when she was eight and a half months in ...

 I call it "Tosha et al".  It was either that or "Benefits Supervisor (Pregnant)".  The kid you can't see is now two or three years old.  I wanted her to pose completely nude, but she felt more comfortable wearing a thong.

Which was fine.  It's her body, she can show it to whomever she wishes.  Or not.

I like this painting but I don't love it.  But I do love the nipple at the bottom.  The idea was that the top nipple would be all business.  I mean, a very straight-forward depiction of an anatomical feature.  The thinking with the bottom one was a kind of diaphanous, half-nipple/half-rose kind of a thing.

Picasso, who -- like the black and white cookie -- must be with us always, friends, was of the notion that you shouldn't paint a person's two eyes the same way.  One should be different from the other.  So this is something a bit like that.

You could argue that the color is a bit too technicolor for real life.  Fair enough, but I was also in love with the idea of all the reds almost matching -- the sofa, the nipple, the deep shadow, her lips, belly button, etc.

All that aside, drag the picture onto your desktop and enlarge it as far as it will go.  Scrounge around in it.  Luxuriate in its splendidness.

The other thing I really like is this ...

There's something about the transition from light to dark on her forearm that I love.  It almost looks like it was a photographic effect rather than the efforts of an artist at the zenith of his craft.  But what I really like is the thick black line that renders the underside of her arm and hand.  There isn't another line on the painting that looks like this one.

Just so we're clear, the image is a computer generated watercolor.  And the woman in the photograph is Shakira, a famous pop singer.


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