Wednesday, January 02, 2013

From the Department of Corrections and Oversights Slash Giving Aaron Sorkin the Cheese ...

The post below this one is, I'm thinking, the first time in the history of The Year of Magical Painting that I've used the word "homage" without adding my cheese joke.  The sentence should have read:

All of which brings us to The Newshour -- Aaron Sorkin's flawed but improving homage (or fromage--my French is poor, so it's whichever one that isn't the cheese) to CNN.

I apologize.

We do too.
That's big of you.
Yes it is.  But we should have been on that like white on rice.
Nicely said.  Happy New Year.
Same to you.  I have you slated for 32 more.
Thirty two?
Mmmmm.  Ninety one would be a ripe old age, wouldn't it.
You'd smell like some of that really nasty cheese.
Yes I would.
I'm thinking Limberger.
Me?  I'm thinking a gooey old wedge of Pont l'Eveque that's been left out overnight.


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