Sunday, February 03, 2013


Google is fun, sometimes.  For instance, I typically google the names of famous paintings when I need an image to share with you people.  I don't know if you've done it, but when you click on a Google image, it pops up as a window "floating" above the website in which Google found it.

What's fun is that, on quite a few occasions, the website above which the painting is floating is The Year of Magical Painting.  Which always delights me.

That said, I had reason, moments ago, to clarify the exact wording of the famous Harold Brodkey quote "To see her in sunlight was to see Marxism die", and I was troubled to note that TYOMP didn't come up as a source until the middle of page 4.  Because we've covered the Brodkey/To-see-her-in-sunlight business in depth a number of times.

Surely I'm in here somewhere, I remember thinking, frantically pushing the "next" button at the bottom of the Google page over and over.

Page Four!!!

It's a black fucking day, my friends.

The blog reference I finally landed on took me to a post from September of 2011 titled "Let all the children boogie..."  It started out talking about Robert Johnson, then David Bowie, then the Rolling Stones and then ... wait for it ... the video of Marianne Faithfull singing "As Tears Go By."

Oh look!  Here it is ...

Sphynx-like is the adjective that jumps to mind.  I love the little smile at 1:43.  And that foot!  That languorously tapping foot!  Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is thinking about it.

Man, you have GOT to get a grip!
Right.  Sorry.  Carry on.

Regular readers will surely know that this video and the Fred and Ginger one from Swing Time are the most common u-tube clips I post on the Blog.  I would describe my fascination with the 60s era Ms. Faithfull as borderline unhealthy.  And I'll tell you this:  if they ever let me race one of those Red Bulls (which they won't, if for no other reason than my ass won't fit in the cockpit), I would totally name it Marianne.

Or better yet, Miss Marianne, like those Budweiser speedboats.

Hard to believe boats can even look like this.  But this Page Four business is dragging me down.

I have something that will cheer you up.
You do?
Yes.  Can you tell me what happened exactly a year ago, sorta?
No.  I'm too depressed for clear thinking.
The New York Football Giants smote the Patriots into oblivion.
Yes they did.
And wasn't that a fine, fine thing?
Yes it was.  I'm brightening up at the thought of it.
I can see the sun again.  Hear the birds.  Smell the paint.
Then my work here is done.
Thank you again.


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