Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Items from the Archives ...

Here is the only picture in existence of my 1961 Triumph TR-3A, the first car I ever actually owned.  I bring it up because it was mentioned in passing in the saucer-head post about five back.

God, that was a car.  For a long time, the speedometer was broken and you had to tell the speed by RPM.  It wasn't that hard.  Second gear corollated directly -- 3,000 RPM was 30 MPH, 4,000 was 40.  Fourth gear was also easy --3,000 RPM was 60 MPH.  The car redlined at 5,000, which meant its top speed was exactly 100 MPH.  Which, in that car, was not for sissies.

I'm not sure whose lawn I'm parked on.  Not my own, I'm sure of that.

And then there's this ...

Which just makes me wish it was May and I was standing outside the Stock Exchange with a Sharpie in my hand.  I wonder what she wrote.


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