Friday, March 15, 2013

I Suppose the Only Thing Worse than Being a Virginia Basketball Fan is Rooting for Syracuse

UVa -- remember when they used to spell it that way? -- got its ass handed to it by NC State earlier today in the first quarterfinals game of the ACC Tournament.  A demolition.  An utter drubbing.  I would describe myself in the aftermath as catatonic.  In which condition, dear reader, I would have likely still have played better than at least three of the Virginia starters.

Anyway, believe none of the bubble talk.  Virginia will miss the Big Dance.  And this, thankfully for you, will no doubt be the last college basketball post of the year.

It might have been the first.
Yes it might have been.  I don't post about NCAA roundball that much.  Maybe something about me and Skully going to the Carrier Dome with those Boeheim masks.
Don't be blue.
I'm not blue; I'm catatonic.
Is that like a gin and tonic, but with a cat?
Blow me.


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