Saturday, March 23, 2013

Massa is back

For those of you who don't care about Formula 1, be patient -- in another three months I'll be posting incessantly about the Tour de France.  So just go watch the basketball tournament, or scroll down to the Modigliani painting, which continues to haunt me.

Otherwise, let it be noted that it was a good four years ago when a two-pound spring popped off the back of Rubens Barricello's car and hit Felipe Massa in the head.  The dent in the side of his helmet was all you needed to know about how hard that spring hit him.   At 150-plus mph, Massa's shiny red Ferrari, its unconscious driver slumped at the wheel, slammed into the tire wall at the end of the straight. Very scary.

The good news?  Massa is back.  He pipped his teammate Fernando Alonzo in qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix and now sits second on the grid, behind only Sebastian Vettel.  Who always seems like he's  on the pole, so forget about him.

This is wonderful news.  Massa has been cast as the second driver at Ferrari for a long time; first behind Schumacher, then behind Alonzo.  Which is as it should be -- both men were towering talents.  But it should be noted that if Lewis Hamilton (an annoying whinger) hadn't grabbed fifth place by passing Adrian Sutil on the final corner of the final lap of the final race of 2008, Massa would have been a World Champion.

He came in first in that race and the pit camera showed his father -- thinking his son had won the championship -- burst into tears of joy.  Then, seconds later, somebody shook his shoulder and shouted "Here comes Hamilton!" and that was that.  Hard to watch -- I'm still slightly queasy at the memory of it all.

The next year came the spring to the head.

This year Massa's back.

Ferrari are back too.


I'm enjoying your use of Britishisms when you talk about F1.
Like what?
Pipped?  Whinger?  The use of Ferrari as a collective plural, if that's even the right term.
Oh.  Hadn't noticed.
I'm just saying.  No criticism intended.  We all wish we were Stirling Moss.
Yes we do.  Where, by the way, have you been?  Haven't heard from you in several posts.
We've been inciting riots in Cyprus, but it doesn't look like it helped.  So we're back.
Smart move.
We thought so.


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