Sunday, May 19, 2013

I understand you have your needs ...

... so I've been blogging hard today.  Making up for the past week when I was offline.  Which I know was a burden.

I'll leave you with this bagatelle ...

Is it?  Is it really?

Every time I listen to Ted Cruz I'm not certain.  I'd move to Reykjavik in a heartbeat if: a) I could spell it; b) my daughters wouldn't kill me.

One theory says move to Reykjavik but buy a Westsail 32 and dock it somewhere in the Bahamas or the Caribbean.  Spend summer in the Big Rake and winters someplace else.

Just a thought.  This is a Westsail 32.  A legendary sailboat.  Thought by many to be the smallest production boat you can fearlessly sail anywhere.


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