Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mijn eerste verzameling

Do you speak Dutch?  Is that even Dutch?

Anyway, I'm all fired up about the Rijksmuseum's new feature that lets you look at extremely hi-res images of about a ton of paintings from their collection.  So fired up I'm listening to six solo cello suites by J.S. Bach.  Who was German, not Dutch.  But the man had some skills.  Plus, there's always room for cello.

Back to the Rijksmuseum:  I was under the impression, based on an article in the Times, that I'd be able to cut and past images from the website onto TYOMP.  All I seem to be able to do is save those images onto something called Mijn eerste verzameling.

I'm publishing this post now so I can see what happens when I click on the link.

[real time pause]

I'm back.  Still unsure how to proceed.

[real time pause]

I'm back.  The image I'm trying to post is this one ...

A van Gogh self portrait.  I nabbed this image off the web.  Interesting how much greener this one looks than the shot the Rijksmuseum provides.  Which I'm assuming has to be the definitive image.

The interesting thing about zooming into a hi-res image of a painting is that, well ... it's a painting.  And paintings are, by today's technical standards, dramatically lo-res.  I mean, they're just paint slapped on a fairly rough surface.

All the more reason to acknowledge that this whole painting thing is a miracle.


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