Sunday, May 26, 2013

And meanwhile, at Monaco ... Volume 3

It didn't go well.

Rosberg first -- which is fine.  Apparently Mercedes has figured out the tire business.  Raikkonen fifth, I think, and Alonso 7th.  Neither being good news.  Vettel came in second, which is the worst part, since he substantially padded his points lead vs. the other two guys.

If I was at Monaco earlier today, this annotated photo shows you where I'd like to sit -- assuming, of course, that I was not invited aboard some massively plush vessel ...

From the left:  The cars come out of a long tunnel doing about a buck-seventy-five then stamp on the clampers to negotiate the Nouvelle Chicane.  Most of the passing that happens at Monaco happens there, by the way.  Plus some wrecks.  Plus a good deal of general mischief.  All as a function of inadvisedly trying to pass someone else.

Then they come flying right at you before hurtling around the bend -- called Tabac -- at an extremely high rate of speed, disappearing shortly afterwards out the right side of the picture and then, as is the nature of Grand Prix spectating, out of view.  But not before you see them negotiate another chicane as they work their way around Piscene (otherwise known as the Swimming Pool).

And if you're bored, you can stare out at the boats and the Mediterranean beyond.

Only two guys have ever driven their cars into the water at Monaco (and one, it should be noted, was Juan Fangio, who was certainly not chopped liver).  Both survived.  Both happened around the chicane near the Swimming Pool.

I don't think you can get your car in the water anymore.  I think it would end up on the back deck of a boat.

In 2006, Kimi Raikkonen, my favorite guy, was in second place when his car broke down along this part of the course.  He got out of the car and, instead of walking back to the pits the way everybody else would, he walked, in full suit and helmet, to his boat, which was docked alongside the course.  Took his duds off, put on a bathing suit, opened a beer (prolly a Bud Light) and watched the rest of the race.

It caused quite a stir at McLaren -- an organization that takes its Grand Prix racing pretty seriously.

How'd he get such a nice boat, you're asking?  In 2009 Forbes ranked him as the second-highest paid athlete in the world, behind only Tiger Woods.

God bless the man.

[UPDATE:  Kimi came in 10th]


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