Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pause a while, and let my counsel sway you.

This is written under one of the arms of my Uncle Sam.  This meaning the text in the photo below, not the title of the post above.  The title above is a line from Much Ado About Nothing.

Me?  I feel like each of my annotated works need only yield one great truth to be a successful painting or whatever.  And the above is a great truth.

Sad to say, Troy's a town full of beer snobs.  And let me tell you, beer, barbecue and one other thing that escapes me just now are food/drink categories about which much ado is made about more or less nothing.

Take barbecue.  I've eaten a ton of it in my day, including but by no means limited to award winners at Troy's famous Pig Out event, little country places in Virginia and North Carolina, lots of so-called high-end BBQ places in New York City, and some ribs grilled on a Webber with some Kraft original slathered on.  And to the people who have taken barbecue connoisseurship to the level of religious zealotry, I say:  Get a Life.  It's just fucking barbecue.

And, unlike some of the grand cuisines like French or Chinese (just to pick two), the range between raggedy ass barbecue and the best of the best is, in fact, relatively narrow.  It's like the joke that goes:  Even lousy pizza is pretty good.  There's a similar joke about sex (although good sex is nothing to sneeze at).

Get a life.

Beer, my friends, is the same way.  Only one of the bars I frequent in Troy carries Bud Light on tap.  Another carries Pabst.  And although I think carrying Pabst is some kind of ironic hipster bullshit, I manage to drink it without any sense of irony at all.

A friend of mine owns a bar and he sometimes publicizes on Facebook that he's serving artisanal slash exotic beers with slightly amusing names.  Like this was something about which to be excited.

Refocus, man.

I'm all for leading the examined life.  But the key to doing so is knowing what to examine thoroughly and what to simply enjoy for what it is.  Beer and barbecue and one other thing I can't think of just now are things about which minimal examination is warranted.  Beyond that is nonsense.

I'll have a Pabst.


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