Friday, May 24, 2013


People say the George Washington Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.  But it's not.  It's ugly, in fact.  If you need to know why, send a message to my twitter account @GVRaymond.

This, by the way, looks more like the 59th Street Bridge.

But that's not what we're here for.  We're here to talk about numbers.  And I know you people hate it when I talk about blog numbers.  But still, would it have killed eleven more people to have visited The Year of Magical Painting yesterday, so I could have cracked 500?

I can't quite figure out what, barring simple excellence, has contributed to a surge in readership.  I'm predicting that today will be my seventh straight 400+ day, but the surge has been evident for the past several months.

I like the idea of 500+ becoming the new normal.  Currently it's 400.


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