Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ai WeiWei

You'll remember the passing reference to extraordinary balls in my letter to Lance.  Well, Chinese stir-the-shit-social-artist Ai WeiWei has even bigger ones.  And both of them.  Check out this video -- made as an exploration of his time as a prisoner of the Chinese state -- and now up on U-Tube.

And the man still lives in China!

Shit like this can get you arrested, dude.

Edward Wong wrote a pretty amazing piece in The Times about it.  Click here.

Ai WeiWei is the type of subversive artist that drives totalitarian governments nuts.  Here he is with fifty or so of the gazillion ceramic "seeds" he filled the main hall of the Tate Modern with.

God bless the man.

Me?  I'm subversive too, but in a different way.  I leave you now to go upstairs and watch the Thursday practice session for the Grand Prix of Monaco.


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