Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Money and the working man

I just saved a hundred dollars ...

Actually, I saved it earlier today when I went upstairs, dialed in Hulu + and found that I could access all five seasons of Miami Vice, all for the modest price of eight bucks a month.  Five seasons, 22 episodes.  Basic multiplication yields what?  Like, eighty shows?  Twenty a month times what?  A month a season?  At eight bucks a month it yields like $25.

I'm not strong with the math, but I know that's better than the $150 Amazon is gonna charge me for the boxed set.  Which, just so we're clear, I was never gonna pay.  I'm not a crazy person.

I am, however, a massive Hulu+ fan.  It's the first such service that actually makes me think, push comes to shove, I don't need traditional television anymore.

Imagine, for a moment, that the television industry -- the industry that won access to free use of the broadcast spectrum in exchange for comprehensive news coverage, and then, in the interest of profits, turned their coverage of news into a massive, steaming pile of shit but remained more than happy to continue to take the broadcast access for free -- was the city of Yunkai.

[We're talking Game of Thrones here, people]

Hulu + is like Daenerys Targaryen standing outside the gates of the ancient city of Yunkai with her eight thousand gelded warriors and her two thousand mercenary soldiers.  And beautiful little Dany is going to tear those  slave-owning motherfuckers into pieces.

It would be interesting, just as a gag, to call Time Warner and tell them I'm changing my subscription.  All I want is high-speed internet.  And I'll take it from there.

The only thing that makes me sad is that it's not Cablevision.  Which is owned by the Dolan family.  Which owns the Knicks.  And who have, the last two years not withstanding, made a laughing stock of a proud, original NBA franchise.  And if I could cut their balls off, dear friends, I would surely do so.  With pride.


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