Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh Shit!

In a good way.  I say Oh Shit! in a good way.

If you've read every single one of the 2,250 posts that reside on The Year of Magical Painting you know several things.  Actually you know about a zillion more things than you would have otherwise, and you are vastly improved as a human being.  But I refer to this subset of all those things:

1 -- I both love and hate Andy Warhol
2 -- I've been making noise about taking similar paintings of Angela Merkel to places like New York, and Greece, and Italy, and London, and Spain.  Etc.
3 -- I eat mo' chicken any man ever seen.

I say this last one only because I'm listening to The Doors, this being Ray Manzarek Day.

It hit me moments ago like a ton of bricks that I could send the digital file of BWMerkel to somebody.  Or rather a tuned-up, ready-for-prime-time version of BWMerkel, which was, you understand, just a quick electronic sketch.  They could then take the image and generate a silk screen.  I could then hire somebody who actually knows how to do it to silk screen five or six identical black and white images, all on 4x5 canvasses.  Then I could tart them up with different colored lipstick (you've seen this movie before) and, as God is my witness, I'd be in like Flynn.

I'm gobsmacked.

Witness this ...

Wow.  That's a trip.

And this, in an alternate color ...

And this, called Red Liz (maybe), just so you're getting some limited version of the complete picture ...

For the record, I detached Angela's shoulders before posting the top image and slid them down a little bit.  [Note:  just the fact that I can type that sentence is quite amazing]

Anyway, as I was sliding them around, at one point I just took them away.  Yielding this ...

Which has a kind of a Joan of Arc feel, doesn't it?  And I'm thinking I haven't come to praise Angela, but to bury her.  So maybe a little less sainthood is a good thing.  We're just thinking aloud here.

But there could be some middle ground between the two ...

Is all I'm saying.

And before we get all huffy about ripping Andy off, keep in mind that:  a) there's no such thing as ripping Andy off, and b) once you get 300 things written on here nobody's going to be talking about Andy Warhol.

Except as specifically instructed by me.


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