Friday, May 24, 2013

I have one word to say to you ...

... AC72.

Which may be an alpha-numeric designator, not a word.  But it refers to the controversial winged-sail catamaran currently used to compete in the America's Cup.

The Seven Years of Magical Painting have not been without their share of astounding things (mostly, I might suggest, the work that springs out of the side of my head like thunderbolts from Zeus), and this video is surely one of them.  Bear with the first thirty seconds or a minute until you get to the part where the boat is either sailing or flying -- I'm not sure exactly what it's doing.

Lord have mercy!

Just for the record, the thing, at waterline, is 72 feet long!  There are moments in the video when the only parts of the boat that are in the water are the rudder and the daggerboard.  My understanding is that there's a hydrodynamic foil at the bottom of the daggerboard that lifts the whole thing out of the water.

Which is obviously impossible.

Me?  I used to get excited sailing my sneakbox at what was probably five knots.  It felt tremendously fast.  These things go 40 knots!  Which is astounding.

Remember all that mumbo-jumbo about basketball a couple of posts ago?  Talking about achieving serenity at the moment when you release the basketball (excluding dunks, of course)?  Well, it's the same thing here.  I find the moments when that massive boat is gliding through the water -- above the water, really -- to be deeply peaceful.


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