Tuesday, June 11, 2013

John Mayer

Out of the blue the other night, Daughter #2 asked me what I thought of John Mayer.  You may remember my recent mention of him in one of the Brad Paisley posts ...
So I googled "How good a guitar player is Brad Paisley" and the first thing I read was "Brad Paisley is one of the best guitar players alive."  Then somebody said "Brad Paisley is the John Mayer of country music."  Which means he's fabulous, but nowhere near the best.  Which is probably the truer of the two statements.  Because those country boys can really play guitar.
Me?  I like John Mayer.  I said to my daughter that I respected the fact that he started out as a smushy-faced MTV heart-throb with "Your body is a wonderland" and ended up a well-respected blues guitarist.  Good for him.

Here's a pretty nice u-tube video ...

If I could play guitar like that ... well, I can't even imagine.


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