Saturday, June 08, 2013

Forget about it, Jake. It's Chinatown.

If you think I'm going soft on you now, no way.  I am 100% behind my boy Orb in the Belmont.  My interest in Oxbow is low.  Besides, I picked Orb in the Derby and won.  I picked him in the Preakness and lost.  I'm going with him in the Belmont.  Furthermore, with a sloppy track anticipated, look how well he did in the mud of the Derby.

As you read that last line you're probably thinking I know something about horses.  Naaah.  But a man should have some faith, loyalty is a good thing (unless taken to extremes), and I'm partial to Orb if for no other reason than his screwed up right nostril.  Check this out ...

See the slit at the top of his nostril?  Apparently he caught it on a nail.

Man, that's gotta hurt.
Tell me about it.

The fun thing is that when he's running it's flapping all over the place.

This, of course, is Nicholson ...

At least they bandaged Jack up.  Makes you wonder why they didn't fix the horse.  I mean, he's probably worth tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in stud fees.  You'd think they'd want him looking his best, if for no other reason than to put the fillies in the mood.

Speaking of which, in the event that Orb doesn't win, I would be delighted with Rosie Napravnik, the female jock, on top of Unlimited Budget, the really-big filly.  Look how pretty her nose is.

But I'm sticking with Orb.  By a nose.

The trifecta is Orb, Unlimited B, and Palace Malice.  Put in a box, just in case (whatever that means).  For you completists, I see Oxbow at 5th.


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