Thursday, June 06, 2013

Big Wayne 6

I'm going with six.

I think we're moving in the right direction.   That said, the photo was shot @ 8:45 pm, so the only illumination was the florescent light on the ceiling.  I then pop it into the machine and slam the exposure bar all the way to the right, just to light the thing up.

This, friends, is an imperfect approach.  What you lose is all sense of the color in the darker parts of his face.  Likewise his lips.

But it seems like we're moving in the right direction.

"Mr. LaPierre lowered his eyes, demurely."

What?  Hey -- I lowered his eyes.  And there's nothing demure about this guy.

For you completists:  I'm listening to a fabulous album -- "Wrote a Song For Everybody" by John Fogerty.  If you're under fifty, you may be less moved.  But it's John Fogerty revisiting all the Creedence Clearwater Revival songs through duets with country stars.  And it's outstanding.  And some of the guitar work!  Lord have mercy.  I'm replaying a song called "Hot Rod Heart" (which I don't remember as a CCR song) that features Fogerty and Brad Paisley.  And I'm here to tell you this Paisley guy plays a stunning guitar.


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