Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Uncle Sam, Back From The Dead

Here's the current state of affairs, taken on my iPhone in the Downtown BID office (the sponsors of the show).

I love the evidence tag coming out the right side of the base.  I wonder if it says John Doe.

I posed the question of whether or not it even should be fixed to the Head (the Head of the BID, not the dismembered Head of the Statue) and she's of the mind that says to hell with them, full speed ahead.  We fix it; we put it back up; we draw a line in the sand.

Me?  I was surprised at two things:

1--the head broke off in a different place than it had earlier in the "painting" process.  Surely you remember that whole set of events?
2--the body appears intact, but the head is riddled with cracks, above and beyond the big one on the neck.

As per #2, we're having a specialist look at the cracks and see what she thinks can be done.  Then we're back in business.


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