Monday, June 03, 2013

The Troy Record weighs in

Why is it that I always feel like I could write a better article than the person actually doing the writing?  Regardless, read some local coverage of my Uncle Sam adventure here.  Not a disaster, I should hasten to say.  Pretty good, in fact, as regards the written word.  But I might have at least included a photo of me.

This is the NBC local coverage.  And perhaps I should thank the guys at the Record for not including a photo of me, since it looks like I should lay off the Doritos and onion dip.  Maybe when basketball season is over.

Actually, I'm more disappointed with the NBC guy, since I gave him one of the great interview moments of his life and he dropped the ball.  Several times he asked me how I felt about the vandalism and several times I answered in a perfectly satisfactory way.  After the 4th time, I said "What is this?  The Today Show?  Do you want me to start crying?"

Which was the money shot for an NBC affiliate and it ended up on the cutting room floor.  Kind of like Uncle Sam's head.


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