Sunday, June 02, 2013

Who wants to be famous for this?

I was interviewed by the Troy Record and the NBC Albany affiliate.  The sculpture is "dinged up a bit" and in two pieces.  Whether we will live to fight another day remains to be seen.  The kid who did it is, or at least was, locked up.  I don't think this is the kind of crime where they hold you without bail, so okay.  All this running around has compromised my progress with Big Wayne, but tomorrow's another day.

I am now officially angry at the perp.

The good news?  Juan Pablo Montoya is in third place, stalking that asshole Kurt Busch (who still needs one more pit stop, so is a non-factor, I'm thinking) and Jimmy Johnson in the Dover 400.  About a month or so ago, JP had the Richmond race won and in the bag except for an amazing bit of bad luck on the last lap.  So perhaps the sun will shine on my boy this time around and Johnson will get a flat tire or something.

[Update:  Juan Pablo was leading with three laps to go.  Then Tony Stewart went by him like he was standing still]


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